Christmas Carolokie
Add Ons

Live Webcasting

Our most popular (and free!) add-on, live webcasting allows friends and family around the world to join in on the fun from the comfort of their own homes.

Personalized CDs

Allow our professional graphic designers to give you a personalized CD design that you can proudly show off to your friends. Pick one of our templates, free of charge, or add your own graphics starting at only $10.00

Professional Video

Nothing says superstar like a video of you performing your song. We will shoot HD video of your performance. We can also upload your video to YouTube so you can show yourself off to the world.

  Strait shoot $50/song
  Multi-take -edited version $100/ song
  Purchase 1 DVD $15 ea.
  Each additional DVD $7.50

If you love music, let the world know with our popular
"I Love Music" T-Shirt NY style. $12.00

Additional CDs

Get your music out there! Your personalized CDs will make great gifts for friends family, and even strangers.

  Up to 10 CDs $5.00 ea.
  10-50 CDs $4.00 ea.
  Over 50 CDs $3.50 ea.

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